I've always wondered what it is that urges people to make music against all odds. During the eight years of their Germany's EverEve have encountered enough problems to make any band think about calling it a day. But neither the suicide of their former singer Tom Sedotchenko, nor less than amicable split with the record label, mighty Nuclear Blast, or parting ways with another singer managed to keep this good band down. Here they are in 2001, with the new record deal with the Massacre Records, new album called "E-Mania" to be released in June, and a new approach to their music. In the following e-mail interview the band members tell us everything about the current and past developments in and around EverEve. Questions are asked by Maniac.

You have recently completed your fourth album. Was there any difference between that recording session and those for the previous records?

MC WIFEBEATER (MC): Well this time there was more work involved as far as the songwriting goes. That's because ,regardless of any pressure, we figured to really do what we have in mind it would be necessary to extensively work on our new ideas. It was key to make them work and not just adding one idea after another.

The title of the album is "E-Mania". What does E stand for? Electronic?

MZ EVE 51 (MZ): Not really... but it is a good way for an interpretation though... Actually it means "being maniac (mania) for and with EverEve (E)"... we spent a lot of psychological power and resources on this album and often we went beyond our limits (concerning mental and emotional strength)... so this album is a real psycho-trip for us... and this is why it is so intense and authentic....

Who is pictured on the CD cover and what is the cover's connection with the album title?

MZ: There is a connection with the concept of the album which deals with you own personal demons... your inner fears, the thoughts that only appear in moments when you are all alone... Everybody has this personal "demons" and everybody tries to hide from this demons.. I tried to fight with my demons while creating the music and the lyrics for E-MANIA... and the cover fits perfectly to this as it shows a feeling of loneliness, capture, desperation.... it is not a simple S/M porno cover... but it shows the power of your demons... not any weapon in the whole world is able to stand against your own psyche...

You've recently changed labels from Nuclear Blast to Massacre. In my opinion it is rather an unusual step, as many bands, for instance, Threatre of Tragedy, are doing just the opposite thing. What is the reason behind leaving Nuclear Blast?

SMart BASSTARD (SM): There is a simple rule in life: Times they are a changing. When we signed to Nuclear Blast the promised us heaven on earth. For our first album SEASONS they gave us a strong support. STORMBIRDS marked a change in their attitude towards us. But that was something we weren't aware of. After some persons fucked up several things, we definitively wanted to search for new opportunities but they didn't let us go. I can remember quite well, how it felt like, when we were finished with the recordings for REGRET. Tom commited suicide and we didn't know what should happen with our album, because Nuclear Blast refused to decide quickly if they wanna release the CD or not. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to complain about the company in general, but believe me my friend, there are several asses I want to kick if I got the chance to do so.

Why did you split with vocalist Ben Richter and did he make any contribution to "E-Mania"?

MC: That was exactly one of the main problems. His lack of contribution. Needless to say that therefore he had no input on E-Mania. Further it's somewhat strange when everybody is really gung-ho about the new stuff and one person just doesn't seem to be capable of keeping up with the process.

MZ Eve 51 is now doing the vocals. Will he continue playing keyboards during your live shows or are you planning to hire someone else for the job?

SM: MZ Eve 51 was and still is a keyboard player who is as close to perfection as somebody human can be. If I didn't know better I would say he's some kind of robot. So we decided to use a playback-machine for our live performance. That won't be a big difference in comparison to the past, except the fact that there will be much more space on stage. There's no way to hire someone else. The heart of Evereve consists of: MZ Eve 51, T.he H.avoc W.reaker, SK Kiefer Durden, MC W1febeater and me, SMart Basstard. We tried to change that, but it didn't turn out the way we wanted. Mistakes are there to learn.

The press release for the new record says that "E-Mania" features "heavy-cutting guitars like never before". Do you consider it a step back from "Regret" or is it a combination of the best elements of all EverEve's previous works?

MC: In a way you're right, it is a combination because it still sounds like EverEve although like I said the songwriting approach is rather new. The guitars appear to be heavier because of the way we used them. Whether we spaced them out more, working with rests (heavy all the time isn't heavy anymore)or put them to work in percussive manner. Last but not least T.H.W and Durden are always on top of checking out new sounds. So any which way you turn it E-Mania is definitely a huge step forward!

As far as I know you have not released any singles. Are you planning to issue a single for the new CD?

MZ: There will be a single for T.O.D. here in Germany but only for Club DJs... EverEve has never released any "real" singles because the only purpose of singles is to make money for the music industry... You spend your money for buying one or two songs from an album...and 1 month later you get the song anyway as you buy the whole album... This makes no sense for us... it is just screwing the fans...

What about videos? Are there any plans for a video for "E-Mania"?

MZ: Videos are nice things because you are able to transform the feeling of a song into visual media... but they are very expensive and here in Germany music videos are not played in the official TV when they are not pop music... So it makes no sense for us. We rather take the money and sent it for our live shows.. so we can offer the fans a rela good show.... But perhaps we will release again a home video with live shots, interviews etc. one day....never say never...

You used assistance from programmer Joerg Huettner again on the new CD. How great is his contribution and what does he do that you cannot cope with yourselves?

MC: Jorg lives in his own world. We take our skills to the max. Then he comes in and his ideas are just all over the place. So it's a matter of sorting out what makes us move and what we feel is appropriate. The great thing is that Jorg has a different perspective and that's the reason why he adds a fresh, unique touch to our material.

What are your touring plans and what songs are you going to perform live? Will tracks from the first two records still be included in the set list?

MC: As for summer Festivals we'll play The Wave Gotik Treffen, Euro Rock, the H.O.E festival and a few more. Later this year there will be some extensive touring throughout Europe and the U.S. The main purpose of course will be to feature E-Mania live. Some of the older songs really are timepieces and probably shouldn't be touched. Then again we might have some surprises for you.

Do you think that the Nuclear Blast compilation "Live & Plugged Vol 1" gives an adequate idea of what EverEve's live shows are?

SM: LIVE & PLUGGED Vol 1 shows what an Evereve-show looked like in January 1997. That's it. At that time the band existed for four years. Now another four years since then have passed by. I'm sure that we're much more experienced than we were at the time that video was shot. Otherwise I would give up being a musician.

Whose idea was it to do the Animals cover "House Of The Rising Sun" for "Regret"? Why aren't any covers included in "E-Mania"?

MZ: Actually it was my idea... and I had a hard time to convince the others...but now everybody is happy... We never wanted to do a cover song because we think that 99% of cover songs are just shit! But then we tried the "House" song and it worked very well and was successful... So on the new album there actually IS a cover version. It is track no. 12 and it is the 80?s cult pop song "Fade to Grey" written by Visage. We totally changed the feeling of the song as we wanted to try something new... Therefore you might have not recognized it... :)

Let's go back to EverEve's early days. Did any band members play in other more or less famous bands before EverEve?

MZ: We all started as "greenhorns" which means that EverEve was our first band... but we all have been musically experienced and we have already played our instruments for a couple of years ... So everything turned out to be very professional from the beginning and it has not took us too long to get a record deal....

What does the band name mean and whose idea was it?

MZ: It is from the English original version of Tolkien?s "Lord of the rings". It i spart of a poem and Evereve is the name of a place where your dreams become true. We have been influenced by litterature a lot in our early days so we thought this is a cool name... By the way we also liked the idea of "forEVER EVEning" which is alittle bit gloomy and depressive and we also liked it because you can spell it from first letter to the last letter and vice versa...and it always sounds the same...

What songs were on the '96 demo tape that brought you the contract with Nuclear Blast? Were any of them re-recorded for "Seasons"?

MZ: Yes, there have been 4 songs on this tape and all the songs were taken later for "seasons".. (First Winter, Spring, A Winternight depression, Epilogue) ....there has already been some kind of concept within this tape and there have not been big differences compared to the versions that have been appearing on the album...

Are there any plans to re-release Parricide/EverEve split CD? It seems to be very hard to find these days.
SM: There are only 500 copies of that split-cd. For us those recordings mean so much. It was the first time we cooperated with Tom. We did everything by ourselves. Engineering, mixing, mastering and so on, everything happened in our rehearsal room. Good memories are there to remain and not to be raped by the greed for money. If somebody asks me if we want to re-release those recordings I strictly would say "No!"

You re-recorded the song "Stormbirds" from the split CD for your second album. Why did you do that and how is it different from the original version?

SM: At that time we thought that the sound of the original release sucked. We felt that the song earns a better production and the attention of a bigger crowd. There is a little change in the arrangement. We simply cut one part at the end that we thought was unnecessary. No big deal.

What has your former drummer Marc Werner been doing since leaving EverEve? Why did you part ways with him, by the way?

SM: Evereve is a hard working band. As long we as we cannot fill our refrigerator with the money we earn with our art, everybody has to do regular jobs and studies beside the band. But our first priority is Evereve. To keep that balance is sometime harder than it sounds like. At the end of 1999 Marc was not able to put enough energy into the music. So we had to make that decision. Marc is becoming a dentist and this you can compare to having a licence to print money. Should I be honest? That's something I'm not envious of. It's sad, I know, but it's quite a long time ago since I met Marc.

Are there any unreleased tracks with Tom Sedotchenko on vocals?

SM: There's the song 'Darkmere' from the split-CD which never made it on an official recording. I think I can remember some other tracks that may exist on very shitty rehearsal tapes MZ Eve 51 has at home. But don't ask me for the titles or how the songs sounded like: I cannot remember a single one.

I've heard that Dan Swano was planned to join EverEve after Tom's departure. Is it true and why didn't it happen?

SM: We met Dan Swano at the Bang Your Head-Festival in 1998. At that time Tom still was in the band. The only thing we were talking about with Mr Swano was a possible guest appearance on REGRET. He was willing to do it. But then Ben appeared on the scene and we thought it would be much better for the band to have somebody who's doing all the vocal parts on the album.

The band members use pen-names on "E-Mania". Who chose them and what do they represent? By the way, is MC W1ifebeater married and what does his wife (girlfriend) think of the name he uses?

MC: She loves it. Don't ask me why. I just know she does.

Could you say a few words to your fans in Russia. Is there any chance of seeing you live here one day?

MZ: I would like to say "thank you" for all your support throughout the years... We got a lot of response from russian people and this is very cool... Just keep on being yourself and do not listen to others who try to tell you what to do... Of course we would like to come to your country but this is not our decision but it depends on the offers we got from concert promoters... So go to russian promoters if you know them and tell them to organize something for EverEve... and we will be there kicking your ass.... Enjoy E-MANIA ! Check out: www.evereve.net

The letter from the band ended with the phrase "I toast to beautiful ladies" written in Russian, but with Latin symbols. Hmm, in fact, they are very nice guys, and not so gloomy and depressed as their music suggests. I just wish all musicians were like them...
We would like to thank Focusion Promotion & Marketing (www.focusion.de) and personally Iris Bernotat for helping organise with interview.
Seasons (Nuclear Blast, 1997)
Stormbirds (Nuclear Blast, 1998)
Regret (Nuclear Blast, 1999)
E-Mania (Massacre, 2001)

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